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Basic Algebra Helper
by Anthony Mixides

Most high school students have problems with algebra when they first encounter it. Why is that? Well, think back to your own school days! Firstly, you are introduced to several new mathematical concepts, which take a little time to absorb. Then, there is the whole question of using x’s, y’s, and z’s with numbers. Okay, you eventually learn to live with that. And finally, there are all those equations that have to be solved and solved correctly if you are want to pass your algebra exam.

To the horror of all high-school students who suffer from an allergy to things mathematical and algebraical, modern-day algebra and algebraic concepts are not just used to solve mathematical problems, but are also used in fields as diverse as computer science, economics, the social sciences, and psychology. So if you want a career with NASA or your neighborhood bank, you just have to study algebra through high school, senior school, and college. And if you need help with your algebra homework, don’t ask your parents and don’t hire a tutor— check out AlgebraSolver instead.

What is AlgebraSolver? This is a basic algebra helper software, in which you can enter the equations you need to solve, examine the methods used to solve the equations step-by-step, or just check the answer you have arrived at against the answer generated by AlgebraSolver. This basic algebra helper software has been designed by university-level algebra instructors—its user-friendly interface and context-sensitive tutoring explanations were designed by an expert in learning methodologies. It is used, not just by individual high school students across the US, but also by a large number of high schools, school districts, and colleges. Teachers also use it—AlgebraSolver has a template-based examination generation facility that helps create problems for students to solve.

What kinds of problems does AlgebraSolver solve? Anything related to arithmetic, simplification of expressions, complex numbers, equations, inequalities, and graphing. You can look at the demo of this basic algebra helper software on our web site. If you feel it meets your requirements, you can purchase it online, download it immediately, or order it on CD-ROM. If your algebra grades don’t improve, you can get a refund on your purchase price.

So what are you waiting for? Check out AlgebraSolver today and beat the algebra blues away!

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